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Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is Year 2 of my Project365 blog. What is a Project 365? It's a photo challenge involving people from all over the world posting one photo per day throughout 2011. Some photographers choose themes, however for now my photos will be totally random. I will be shooting with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi-18-55mm, 75-300mm zoom and 100mm 2.8 macro lenses. I edit in iPhoto and Photoshop Elements 9. Not all photos are "perfect"; the purpose is to make photography an everyday event.

I am not a professional. Photography has always been a diversion of mine. I am a primary grade teacher and passionate tech. enthusiast. I consider myself an experienced amateur with LOTS to learn!

You will find links to other photographers in the sidebar- do check them out! I have also joined the Flickr EdTech 365/2011 Group, and you can click this link to view the entire pool. I will be posting my photos to their group pool, as well as here on my photo blog. I welcome your constructive criticism!


1. Photos are to be taken in 2011.
2. Post your own work only.
3. Images may be edited or unedited- your choice.
4. Keep your images, text, and comments appropriate for all ages.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Since I started this project, I take my camera everywhere with me now! I snapped this photo outside on recess duty this morning. The recent snow we received, followed by some mild temperatures, led to icicles hanging from many spots on our school. What really surprised me when I downloaded this photo was how blue the sky was this morning! Maybe all that glare from the playground hid the rich tones in the sky while I was out there. I didn't edit this photo a bit- I sure don't remember the sky looking that rich!

1 comment:

  1. Nice icicles and beautiful blue sky! I have yet to find some good icicles to take pics of but winter is still here for awhile.
    I know what you mean about taking your camera everywhere. My kids have now grown to expect me to have it. Many have them seem to have caught the photographer bug as well which is fun.
    I wish you many more blue skies ahead.